Philosophy of Care

I believe that humans are capable of growth and change throughout life, even if they have struggled with an illness or behavior for a long time. I work with people toward optimum wellness in highly individualized care, and I understand well that relapse from treatment-resistant disorders need not mean one will never fully recover.

I am trained in psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral treatment models. I appreciate what each has given to the field of psychology and psychotherapy. For the last 20 years of my career, I have become increasingly oriented to the newer cognitive behavior therapies for mood disorders and compulsive behaviors -- the so-called "third wave" which includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). These treatments are among evidence-based treatments, meaning, research has determined they are effective.

I view the family as a key resource for recovery from eating disorders and other challenging psychiatric conditions. For this reason, I have specialized in family centered care, convinced that education and -- in most cases -- some amount of engagement in treatment as a family empowers each member to best support a loved one experiencing a mental health issue and receive support for the impact mental illness has on a family.

As a dietitian, my approach is to assess eating behavior and nutritional status thoroughly and support clients in accepting their genetic endowment for weight and body shape. I enjoy working with individuals and families on restoring balance to eating that may have been lost or never established.

According to client preference, I am comfortable integrating spirituality and psychotherapy. Whether informed by faith tradition or not, I believe that clarifying core values and choosing actions in life guided by values fosters and sustains meaning.

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