Growth and Healing


UPCOMING OUT OF OFFICE DATES:  3/8/23 to 3/17/23 and 6/4/23 to 6/29/23

Welcome to my private practice website. Whether you are looking for professional support and guidance through a challenging life situation right now or seeking treatment for a mental health disorder, psychotherapy with a skilled and compassionate therapist may offer an opportunity to grow, heal and change. Many and varied life circumstances lead a person to consider the benefits of therapy. Therapy offers a wonderful opportunity to be heard, explore and express feelings and perceptions, gain clarity and receive support and guidance for desired change. As a mental health professional, I work with people experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, family and other relationship issues, chronic illness or pain, and grief and loss. As a registered dietitian, I am also able to provide nutritional assessment and counseling for children, adolescents and adults with eating concerns, weight concerns or eating disorders. I have extensive experience in family therapy and family-based treatments (FBT and FBT-TAY) for eating disorders.  

NEW Individual, Couples or Family therapy or nutritional counseling inquiries: If you are initiating a first conversation about regular personal therapy or nutrition counseling with me, please note that my practice is currently full.  Although I have had a waiting list in the past, I am no longer able to add to it.  I will likely not be taking new clients inquiring today for several months. You are welcome to call me to inquire about possible future openings. It may take me a week or longer to return calls from people new to me. Very nutritionally compromised individuals and families in crisis are strongly encouraged to seek a clinician who is available now or very soon.

LIVING WITH EMOTIONS CLASSES for adults and adolescents are coming April 2023!  

I am accepting registrations for in-person, separate adult and adolescent emotion skills class beginning April 2023.  The process of registering begins with an intake appointment to ensure the class is likely to be an effective fit for each participant.  Please see the LIVING WITH EMOTIONS CLASS page devoted to class details, including dates.  

Quick view class flyer here:  living-with-emotionsrev2023.pdf

Not currently taking new clients

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